Houses and apartments for sale in Pallars Sobirà, the catalan Pyrenees. - Finques Pirineu Real Estate Agency in Pallars Sobirà

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The first Pallars Sobirà Real Estate Company since 1992
Finques Pirineu ®, is the real estate of reference in the area of Pallars Sobirà and Alt Pirineu de Lleida.
The office opened in 1992 in Sort, and we are exclusively dedicated to the sale of real estate.
We have a wide and varied range of properties with a high turnover of properties and constant innovations.
We do not manage rentals of any kind.
Our office is open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Tel: 973 621 026.
Arranged visits also on Saturday morning. We can reach us during business hours at the following numbers:
616 339 669 / 699 769 395 / 661 571 825.
New for sale!
Apartment with terrace for sale in Escaló, near the ski resorts of Espot and Baqueira-Bonaigua. 2 bedrooms. 68 m2
Carretera Vella, 8

Renovated stone house for sale with a large private garden, in the quiet town of Aramunt, very close to Pobla de Segur and the Sant Antoni lake. 3 bedrooms. 663 m2.
Carrer Les Eres, 5

Large stone house for sale to be renovated, in the town of Estac, 12 kilometers from Sort. 216 m2.
Carrer La Font, 4

Country house / Rural guesthouse for sale, with a huge garden, terrace, orchard and multiple parking spaces, located above the village of Lleret, municipality of Lladorre, in the heart of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park. 5 bedrooms. 356 m2 (house) + 780 m2 (garden).
Carrer Únic, 8

Very spacious and central apartment for sale in the town of Sort. Nice views. 4 bedrooms. 99 m2.
Carrer Dr. Agusti Muxi I Monroset, 6

Apartment for sale in the beautiful village of Ribera de Cardós, in the heart of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park. 2 bedrooms. 71 m2.
Avinguda Hug Roger III, 19

Large house with garden for sale, to be completely renovated, in the town of Alins, in Vall Ferrera. 266 m2.
Carrer Caballers, 14

Large flat for sale in the town of Rialp, a few kilometers from the Portainé ski resort. 4 bedrooms. 91 m2.
Camí de Surp, 6

Spacious barn facing south, with spectacular views, in the beautiful town of Aidí, a few kilometers from Llavorsí. 193 m2.
Carrer Únic, 1

NOW: 49.000€
Beautiful duplex penthouse with terrace in Ainet de Cardós. 68 m2. 2 bedrooms.
Carrer de les Flors, 7

A large barn for sale to be rehabilitated in its entirety in the beautiful town of Isil, in the municipality of Alt Àneu. 248 m2.
Carrer Sobrepeo-Isil, 6

P.V.P: 130.000€
For sale large old shed in the town of Burg (municipality of Farrera) in the Natural Park of the High Pyrenees. Currently in ruins. 264 m2.
Carrer Unic, 28

P.V.P: 25.000€
Old stone barn in the town of Burg (municipality of Farrera), in the heart of the Alt Pirineu Natural Park. 86 m2 per floor. Garden 20 m2.
Carrer Unic, 17

Apartment a few kilometers from Tavascan in the Cardós Valley. 2 bedrooms. 86 m2.
Carrer Únic, 6

P.V.P: 149.000€

For sale large property located in La Bordeta, in the municipality of Vilamós, 10 km from Viella. The complex consists of two houses, a common area, a large terrace of 150 m2, two garages with a capacity of two cars each, and a large meadow that goes down to the river Garonne. 6 habs. 480 m2 of the house and 4,000 m2 approx. of meadow.

Spacious apartment with terrace and nice views to the river. 4 bedrooms. 106 m2.
Passatge Riuet, 1

Big old house to rehabilitate in the town of Rialp. 642 m2.
Carrer Raval, 53

Beautiful brand new duplex with terrace and parking space in the town of Sort. 2 bedrooms. 104 m2.
Camí dels Horts De Pietat, 10

NOW: 139.000€
Large renovated house with terrace and very nice views, in the beautiful town of Claverol. 365 m2. 4 bedrooms.
Carrer únic, Claverol, Conca de Dalt

For sale apartment very central in the town of Rialp, a few kilometers from the ski resort of Portainé. 2 bedrooms. 76 m2.
Avinguda Flora Cadena, 13

Apartment of 50 m2, with two bedrooms and a terrace.
Avinguda Hug Roger III, 19

NOW: 119.000€
For sale urban land of 294 m2 in Sort, suitable for housing promotion.
Avinguda de la Generalitat, 5

LLAVORSI - Ref. 438.1
Apartment with fireplace and garden. 84 m2. 2 bedrooms.
Carrer Portal, 7

LLAVORSI - Ref. 438.2
Exterior apartment with balconies in Llavorsí. 90m2. 2 bedrooms.
Carrer Portal, 7

LLAVORSI - Ref. 438.3
Exterior and spacious penthouse in Llavorsí. 71 m2. 2 bedrooms.
Carrer Portal, 7

Apartment with fireplace, terrace, and good views. 98 m2. 3 bedrooms.
Bastida (la) Afores, 1

NOW: 125.000€
For sale beautiful semi-new duplex penthouse in Baro, next to Sort. 2 bedrooms. 78 m2.
Carrer Unic Baro, 1


Beautiful house for sale in Llavorsí with its own patio. 120 m2. 3 bedrooms.
Carrer Carruga (de La), 8

Small and cozy apartment at the foot of the slopes of Espot Ski. 1 bedroom. 42 m2.
Edifici Minairons, s/n

NOW: 75.000€
Old and large barn with a garden at the entrance. 2 floors. 264 m2 + 134 m2
Carrer Unió, 6

Two new apartments in Alt Àneu. From 61 to 87 m2. 1 bedroom.
Carrer De Sant Pere, 1

Starting from 102.000€
House in downtown area of Sort. 4 bedrooms. 104 m2.
Carrer Bonaventura Terrado, 3

NOW: 76.000€
House with two terraces and amazing views next to Sort.

Beautiful penthouse in the center of Llavorsí. 2 bedrooms. 53 m2 + attic.

Apartment with a big terrace. 2 bedrooms. 54 m2.
Carrer Enviny, 8

Brand new apartment. 2 bedrooms. 57 m2.
Carrer Dr. Carles Pol I Aleu, 46

NOW: 118.000€
Rehabilitated rustic house. 3 habs. 225 m2.
Carrer mig, SURP, 13

GERRI DE LA SAL - Ref. 422
Apartment with views to the river, in Baix Pallars. 2 bedrooms. 67 m2.
Carrer Raval Del Rosers, 59

Registered in the Real Estate Agents of Catalonia - AICAT 10688
Office open from MONDAY to FRIDAY from 10:00 to 14:00
and from 16:00 to 18:00. Arranged visits also on Saturday mornings
Telephone service through: 973 621 026/616 339 669/699 769 395
Av. Generalitat, 1 / 25560 - Sort (Lleida) SPAIN
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